The company is honored to participate in the "Pediatric Digital Healthcare and Continuous Monitoring Clinical Field" project at National Cheng Kung University Hospital's Pediatrics Department, providing comprehensive care for every young patient's health.

In this special project, the Jinhong Digital Otoscope acts like gentle hands, meticulously examining every tiny corner to assist doctors in throat and ear examinations, and storing digital image records for communication and disease tracking between family members and healthcare professionals. Through this collaboration, we aim to enhance the medical experience for pediatric patients and their families, and look forward to continuing to work hand in hand with the Pediatrics Department at National Cheng Kung University Hospital to improve the quality of pediatric care.

We extend our gratitude to all colleagues for their hard work and relentless efforts. In the future, the company will continue to work together with everyone to safeguard people's health, create higher quality products, and bring love and care to more families!



The company has long been committed to promoting corporate social responsibility and assisting various vulnerable groups in society. Through this sponsorship event, we hope to cheer on the sports dreams of children with disabilities, while also inspiring challenger families and volunteer teams. A total of 390 participants, including children and assistants, took part in this event. With a spirit of humanistic care, the company aims to encourage special needs children to participate in sports, and to acknowledge the efforts of buddies, parents, and volunteers in assisting challengers in baseball activities. This fosters closer relationships within families and between families of individuals with disabilities and volunteer families, promoting mutual support and companionship. Through sports, we aim to foster a more harmonious society. We also hope that with our support, we can bring more warmth to everyone in need in society - "Inclusive Love, Barrier-Free Challenges."



 "Horus EES 100 - Nasopharyngoscope" is honored to participate in the collaboration between E-Da Hospital and the international charity organization - Operation Smile Vietnam, assisting impoverished Vietnamese patients with cleft lip and palate conditions by providing free surgical examination assistance. This helps make the examination process more comfortable for patients, allowing them to regain confidence and smiles. Cleft lip and palate, commonly known as cleft lip, is a congenital craniofacial anomaly. According to statistics, the incidence of cleft lip and palate in the Asian region averages about 1 in every 500 to 600 newborns. Due to the lack of local medical technology and funding in Vietnam, many patients are unable to receive proper treatment.

One child with cleft lip who underwent charity surgery was abandoned by her mother at 2 months old due to her congenital condition. At that time, she suffered from severe malnutrition, weighing only 2.15 kilograms. Throughout her growth, she faced communication barriers and the distress of appearing different from others. Fortunately, with the strong assistance of the team, she underwent surgery. The surgery brought this child a healthy appearance, allowing her to smile openly like other children and regain her confident smile!



The 2023 Love and Care Carnival, Taiwan's grandest "Embrace the Heart Movement" charity event, has successfully concluded.

Centered around the core value of love, the event was filled with diverse content, encouraging everyone to bravely express love, embrace loved ones, and pursue sustainable love.

This event marked Taiwan's first self-sustaining charity event, garnering support from 27,000 participants. It not only provided unforgettable summer experiences for attendees and their families but also infused warmth into remote areas of Taiwan, offering hundreds of children from these regions the opportunity to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Building upon last year's largest camping event, this year's carnival introduced premium camping experiences from Japan and South Korea. A variety of activities such as charity concerts, light art performances, gourmet picnics, handmade markets, ESG storytelling sessions, and celebrity lectures made the event exceptionally lively.

Through experiences in environment, cuisine, art, humanities, and science, we conveyed the concept of Love and Care for Sustainability. The event enabled people to learn through play, grow through learning, and most importantly, learn to love themselves, their families, society, and the world.

While the grand event has come to a close, the lessons and feelings we gained from it will accompany us, influencing our future actions and decisions. We look forward to carrying this warmth and harvest into every day of the future, continuously impacting and changing our lives and society.

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