2013/07/31 MiiS undertook the charity activity in Mongolia

Strong UV radiation & higher rates of food-related diabetes bring about a large population of ophthalmic Patients in Mongolia. Unfortunately, lots of people went blind under the lack of medical resource. Thanks the support from International Rotary and Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. for the screening activities took in Ulan Bator during 25th~27th/July, 2013. 

After the practical training for 4 operators in tabletop and handheld photography, we screened over 500 residents with up 95% clear and high quality image captured and found 14.5% potential patients.

By using Horus hand-held digital eye-fundus camera, more people are disability or in the rural area could be effectively examined. Through this meaningful charity, MiiS teams realized the importance of the mobile and telemedicine in developing area. This will help the prevention of the disease related to eyes and improve medical quality. 


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