2016/06/29 Digital Handheld Fundus Camera with true 5MP Image Resolution and 45° FOV

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words in the physician’s notes. The pictures taken by fundus camera are visual records which document the appearance of a patient’s retina. The physician can check a patient’s retina, identify retinal changes on follow-up, or consult a patient ’s retinal findings with other professionals. Therefore, the quality of fundus image plays a very crucial role during diagnostic process.

Horus DEC200, the Digital Handheld Fundus Camera from Medimaging Integrated Solution, Inc. (MiiS), is currently the only portable fundus camera that delivers 45 degree FOV and true 5MP (2592*1944 pixels) of fundus images for health care professionals at all locations including hospitals, clinics, health screening centers and mobile medical stations.


In addition to excellent image quality that offers more details, the non-mydriatic operation, auto-focus function and Wi-Fi compatibility of Horus DEC200 provide not only convenience, but also efficiency for multiple healthcare practices.


The light and compact design of Horus DEC200 makes screening and documentation of retinal conditions like AMD, Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy easier than ever before. As a simple to use Digital Handheld Fundus Camera, MiiS’s Horus DEC200 enables cost-effective fundus image capture, and is ideal for early diagnosis, telemedicine, mobile care and outreach activities.


▷More information of Horus DEC 200 [click here] ◁


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