2016/07/18 Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.’s Anti-Counterfeiting Statement – the State Intellectual Property Office upheld the validity of Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.’s patent after reexam

In September 2014, Medimaging Integrated solution Inc. (“MiiS”) has issued a statement to remind the public not to use counterfeits or pirated goods and MiiS will assert its rights against manufactures and distributors of such counterfeits and pirated goods in order to protect the rights and safety of MiiS’ distributors and users purchasing the series of digital hand-held diagnostic products.


Unexpectedly, during the period while MiiS is proceeding with relevant legal actions, a third party requested the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) to invalidate MiiS’ patent (Patent No. 201230013016.8) (the “Patent at Issue”). SIPO has now confirmed on June 20, 2016 that the Patent at Issue is valid. MiiS is pleased with the result and hereby update the latest progress to the public.


MiiS hereby reiterates that we will continue to proceed with relevant legal actions and will make every effort to protect the good will of our brands and users’ safety.Please continue to support us and protect intellectual property together in order to enjoy a better quality of products and services.

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