2023/03/08 MiiS takes great pleasure to invite you to visit our demonstration at HIMSS 23!

Dear Sir / Madam,


As HIMSS23 approaches, MiiS launches solutions designed for Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics at HIMSS 23!


We look forward to connecting and innovating with telemedicine or homecare customers from dressing companies, long-term care facilities, ODMs, system integrators or distributors.


MiiS “Smart Wound Care Platform for Android and iOS devices” is the very first product in the world integrating color, thermal and 3D sensors for the wound caring application. The innovative characteristics are,


  1. 3D camera detects contour and calculates dimension/volume of wound areas. It decreases time spent comparing to traditional process, with scaled paper strips or ruled papers.
  2. Color camera records the skin status, such as granulating, sloughy or necrotic, and analyzes the proportion of each type. It sharply raises efficiency and analyzing accuracy.
  3. Thermal camera records temperature distribution around wound area to provide promising reference of blood velocity and recovery trends.
  4. Wi-Fi and video call functions deliver remote treatment of doctors in hospitals during home healthcare and also extend service range and improve efficiency.
  5. Recorded info. could be documented and sorted for a history of recovery and treatment.
  6. Bar code scanner and IC (smart) card reader smoothen the archiving and service flow.

The edge computing based screening solution, "AI-assisted Diagnostic Device for Diabetic Retinopathy", is the very first innovation of analyzing fundus images by MiiS Digital Imaging Box (DIB 100), marking symptom locations, and is adopting user-centered design methodology for telemedicine services. It uses AI to assist non-ophthalmologists in their diagnosis and solve the problem of uneven distribution when lack of ophthalmologists. By identifying DR stages and lesions, this innovation improves diabetes health monitoring and management and helps to lower the risks of vision loss or blindness caused by DR.

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