Evolve Eye Care to Perfect at ESCRS 2023!


We cordially invite you to attend the upcoming ESCRS 2023, the premier global event to explore MiiS latest innovations and digital technologies.

MiiS is excited to announce the most Portable, Ultralight and Precise eye care total solutions. The Optical Coherence Tomography (ACT 100), MiiS’ newly own-developed OCT, not only it performs eye examinations without dilating the pupils, but also it analyzes macula, retina and optic disc and generates highest-resolution photos. The lightweight and affordable ACT 100 is skillfully designed to serve multiple applications by adopting chinrest, installing onto desk mount on medical cart or simply holding in hand. ACT 100 is the OCT you are looking for.


Experience Horus Scope the best hand-held eye care total solution from Anterior Lens (DEA 200) to Eye Fundus Camera (DEC 200). Horus Scope is designed for telemedicine which develops the concept of ‘Device to Device’. Collecting medial image and data of vital sign with Bluetooth in a few seconds and then integrating all data to device which highly improves the progress of operating. With Wi-Fi transmission to multi-platform, it increases medical efficiency, making case history completed, to reach precision medicine ideal, improve the medical environment, and re-duce costs associated with healthcare.


ESCRS 2023, the exhibition is going to be held from on 9/8-9/11 in the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre (Vienna, Austria).  We look forward to welcoming you to the MiiS booth #C419.

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