Invitation to Visit Medtech Japan

You're invited to visit Booth No. 1006 at Medtech Japan by MiiS, a leading vertically integrated enterprise offering innovative medical imaging solutions.

Micro Camera Module(MCM), the world's smallest high-resolution 1500x1500 camera sensor optimized for endoscope design with superior color uniformity and brightness.

Single-Use Endoscope Total Solution, integrating Single-Use Endoscope with a 14" 1920x1280 Video System for exceptional resolution and user experience.

Advanced Molding Technology, covering Insert Molding, Micro Injection Molding, Co-Injection Molding, Overmolding, and Blow Molding, providing a comprehensive One-Stop Shop from Design to Module Assemblies and Packages. The versatile metal wire-cutting machine, ideal for cutting molds and precision metal cutting applications like bone screws and plates.


We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you in Tokyo and discuss how our CDMO vertically integrated solutions can drive your projects to new heights.

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